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Coaching from an integral perspective offers a program that is unique to you, because of your unique way of approaching whatever you desire to change. That said, my experience has taught me that though we are wildly different in our approach to life, many if not most, in our culture, lack some of the same crucial competencies. Number one on my list is the incessant chatter of “self criticism” which subtly holds us back. Running a close second is the capacity to clearly identify one’s needs and wants. Third is the capacity to slow down and find one’s center so that we are able to act rather than react. With that in mind, I’ve selected three of my favorite practices for you to download free. If you could use some work on one of these competencies, try a practice. Remember that it needs to be used regularly as changing habits takes time. My hope is that it will help you affect change in your life and give you some sense of what coaching from an integral perspective is like. Last is a 15 minute guided meditation to help you tap into a critical component of any change process, self compassion. Use it often!

Centering and Grounding

The Language of Love

What Do I Want and Need

Self love guided meditation

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