About Barbara Alexander

As a young graduate student I was captivated by the idea that adults continue to grow and change. My own rocky journey of development has convinced me that we can indeed shed unhealthy patterns and develop into our own uniqueness.

My work is grounded in the belief that we are more that we think we are.  Embedded in modern and postmodern sensibilities, so many of us see ourselves as separate selves or “skin encapsulated egos,” but we are much more than that . . . we are unique expressions of Ultimate Reality.

When I use the word belief I do not mean that I hold these ideas as a set of propositions to which one must subscribe. Instead, they are convictions to which I give my heart. I have indeed given my heart to the evolution of the species, and have come to recognize that it is from higher and deeper levels of consciousness that we can envision and create solutions to the myriad of problems our world faces today.

My work is grounded in Integral Theory that weaves together both stages of development and states of consciousness into an elegant framework that illuminates the complex terrain of human potential and change. My particular area of expertise is facilitating the emergence of one’s Unique Self, the beautiful expression that each of us is but few of us actually embody. Combined with my years of experience, both psychological and spiritual, my integral evolutionary perspective supports my own purpose . . . to serve the world as the next stage of development emerges. This is what drives my work with people regardless of the setting . . . individual coaching/teaching/consulting.

Degrees & Certifications

  • Certification in Integral Coaching (Integral Coaching Canada)
  • M. Div. with concentration in Spirituality (San Francisco Theological Seminary)
  • Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction (San Francisco Theological Seminary)
  • Certification in SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Assessment and Coaching (Deep Change Institute)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy (Chicago Institute)
  • Certification in Esoteric Healing (International Network of Esoteric Healing)
  • M.A. Counseling Psychology (University of Northern Iowa)
  • Twenty five years spiritual practice in the Theravada Buddhism and Esoteric/Mystical Christianity lineages

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