Barbara Alexander

I am an agent of change whose passion for human development spans 40 years of training and practice in psychology and spirituality.

My journey is best described as following breadcrumbs along a path, each one representing a major step in my development. My first psychology course as an undergraduate was riveting and propelled me into graduate school. Participating in a Gestalt Therapy workshop led me to a post-graduate training program in that methodology. This provided a psychological framework I used to guide growth and development with individuals and groups for the 20 years I was a psychotherapist.

Two powerful spiritual experiences provided the awakening that radically changed my perspective on, and resulted in, a deep dive into spiritual study and practice. This included a return to graduate school where, not working for the first time since starting college, I had the space to absorb Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory. This became my core framework for understanding the integration of psychology and spirituality. Using that framework, and inspired by many other theorists and practitioners, I have worked with clients to develop what I think of as their essential self, that which  emerges when we are sourced by the creative urgency of the universe.

Degrees and certifications:

  • M.A. Counseling Psychology (University of Northern Iowa)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy (Gestalt Institute of Chicago)
  • Certificate in Esoteric Healing (International Network of Esoteric Healing)
  • Practitioner Certificate (Sancta Sophia Seminary)
  • M.Div. with concentration in Spirituality (San Francisco Theological Seminary)
  • Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction (San Francisco Theological Seminary)
  • Certificate in Integral Coaching (Integral Coaching Canada)
  • 20 years psychotherapist in private practice
  • 20 years agent of change combining psychology and spirituality as a teacher, guide and consultant
  • Studied and practiced in the Buddhist, Christian and the Trans-Himalayan lineages

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