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Barbara Alexander is a change agent dedicated to the evolution of consciousness on this planet.


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Over 35 years of experience working with individuals and groups to dissolve whatever obstructs the realization of their highest potential. Find out how I can serve you.

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Please contact me with any questions or to schedule a free 30 minute consultation session.

Address: 238 Ridgeway Ave., Fairfax, CA

Phone: 415.722.4671

Business Hours: Because I work with people all over the world my business hours are flexible.


I have found Barbara’s coaching to be incredibly helpful in so many ways. She brings a wonderful balance of sensitivity, support, challenge, and knowledge to the table, which only makes me want to work harder in developing my own skills.

Kate Raymond

Spiritual Director

Working with Barbara has been a rich and rewarding journey for me. The Unique Self Emergence Process is a remarkable process as it follows a structured format to keep me focused yet has the fluidity to meet me with my day to day challenges. As a former therapist, this is the most comprehensive and compassionate approach to growth that I have found. Along with the tools she has brilliantly assembled, Barbara’s insight and compassion cut through my resistance with grace and inspire me to become the human I am meant to be.

Sally Knudsen


I travel approximately 3-1/2 hours round trip to meet with Barbara and not once have I doubted the value of my effort. Barbara is a wonderful guide. It is as if all of her life’s experiences to this point culminate in her practice – and I have been the lucky recipient of her wise and skilled guidance.

Sheila Denton

Executive Coach and Spiritual Director

I have been blessed to work with Barbara around a range of challenges in both my work and family life. Her tremendous compassion, wisdom and love have been an excellent pairing with her deep and rigorous understanding of Integral Theory. She has gently but actively helped me address and make serious progress in my life with her effective tools and practices. I would recommend her to anyone who genuinely wants to examine and deepen their human experience.

Tracy Kroner

Chief of Party, Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) Project in Niger and Mali

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