I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Barbara and her work. She presented a 4-hour workshop at our annual women’s retreat in 2010 and we just had to have her return in 2011 for a full weekend.  I watched in awe of her keen ability to sense the needs of the group enabled her to modify her approach, material in the moment.  She became one with the group and the beauty of her soul and the wisdom of her mind was shared freely and with grace.

Donna Colombo, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Walnut Creek

Barbara is the top of the line when it comes to teaching. She brings spiritual matters down to earth, applies them to our daily lives and makes sure that we go away with our questions answered. My life is far richer as a result of her teaching. In addition, just being in her sparkling presence makes me smile.

Mike Nickel

Barbara Alexander is a born teacher. Her enthusiasm for learning and growing is contagious. She has the gift for breaking down difficult concepts into understandable chunks of meaning. She is naturally reflective and consistently strives to move her own practice forward thus making her teaching credible.

Lorna Wuertz

My experience was unparalleled. Not only did I learn about spirituality, religion, psychology, and much more, but I also learned profoundly about myself. The class helped me to see clearly within and gave me a vocabulary and structure to understand what I have always felt to be true in my heart.

Andrea Ryerson

I see the world differently now. I feel more. I connect more. I love more. I honestly believe that the classes — and the lessons learned from them — opened my mind and heart, and set me on my path to better understand who I am, what I want, and what it is that I’m meant to do.

Ramish Hamadani

It would be impossible to overstate how meaningful these classes have been to me. I would wholeheartedly recommend Barbara’s classes to anyone seeking to better understand themselves, their relationships, their community, and their world.

Carri O’Neill

I was drawn to Barbara’s class because I felt unsettled spiritually. In other words, the feeling that I know there is something more “out there” or perhaps more “within me” that is part of our world or part of what makes us all who we are, and yet I was uncomfortable with using traditional, institutionalized religion as that framework in order to get the depth of understanding that my soul seemed to crave. The class helped to reorient myself toward the spiritual and to be more in touch with the present moment. That is priceless.

Alex McClure

I had a desire to learn more about religion and spirit, because I had come to the realization that the religion of my childhood and adolescence no longer suited my beliefs. I didn’t know where to turn to find “my people” or even to discover and develop what were my true beliefs. The class opened my heart and mind. I feel its impact daily.


“Barbara’s open spirit and keen mind embody both the form and the content of this work so beautifully, which in turn assisted me in doing the same. The result has been lasting, transformative change in my career and my relationships, which flow from an integrated sense of myself. I notice an effortless quality to my work when it flows from this deep place of transformation.”

Steve Kitlas, Claims Adjuster

“Before working with Barbara, I experienced little discernable change in addressing the difficulties in my life. I felt discouraged and stuck, as I would fall back into old patterns of behavior. The Integral Coaching Method helped me to see that my earlier efforts failed because I was using my familiar ways of problem solving. Together, we were able to work on aspects of myself that were underdeveloped, opening up new and creative ways of approaching the topic of concern. Through clear step-by-step practices, I’ve developed “new muscles” that help me in all areas of life.”

Julie Garvey, Business Owner & Spiritual Director

“I travel approximately 3-1/2 hours round trip to meet with Barbara for Integral Coaching and not once have I doubted the value of my effort. Barbara is a wonderful guide. It is as if all of her life’s experiences to this point culminate in her practice – and I have been the lucky recipient of her wise and skilled guidance.”

Sheila Denton, Non-Profit Executive Director

I have found Barbara’s coaching to be incredibly helpful in so many ways. She brings a wonderful balance of sensitivity, support, challenge, and knowledge to the table, which only makes me want to work harder in developing my own skills.

Kate Raymond, Director of Religious Education

“Having a larger context for the ups and downs of my life has helped me stay committed to my values. Barbara’s coaching style keeps me feeling connected to all of who I am and yet challenged to take the next step. I’m amazed and grateful for her skill.”

Yaz Krehbiel, Artist

I have been blessed to work with Barbara for the last year around a range of challenges in both my work and family life. Her tremendous compassion, wisdom and love have been an excellent pairing with her deep and rigorous understanding of Integral Theory. She has gently but actively helped me address and make serious progress in my life with her effective tools and practices. I have already referred one friend to her and would do so to anyone who genuinely wants to examine and deepen their human experience.

Tracy Kroner, Director Non-Profit Haiti

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