I am the co-creator and co-founder of the Unique Self Emergence Process. Through Unique Self Emergence I offer workshops and retreats, as well as our flagship nine month facilitator training.

One on One Counseling

The Unique Self framework is the culmination of my life’s work investigating the intersection of psychological healing and spiritual transformation. That framework informs all the work I do.

My work with individuals, however, is highly flexible and tailored to the needs of each person. I make use of the totality of my experience and training to respond to whatever is emerging. That may mean making use of my 20 years of practice in psychotherapy, or it could mean drawing from my training in Spiritual Direction, or from my training as an Integral Coach, or my decades long study and practice of contemplative traditions. I have the tools to support you in cutting through whatever obstructs you from living your deepest life.

The best way to find out how I can be of service to you is by scheduling an initial consultation. In this (free) conversation we will discuss what inspired you to reach out and discover whether or not I am a good fit for you at this time.

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Other Inquiries

My life mission is to facilitate the evolution of consciousness on this planet.

Towards that end, I am available for all manner of collaborative and co-creative projects and synchronistic opportunities. In the past I’ve hosted retreats, presented at conferences, and facilitated group dialogues. If your work is aligned with mine and you believe I may be of service, please reach out. Let’s see what magic we can weave together.

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